VideoAmp Chief Business Officer Jay Prasad wrote a guest byline for VideoNuze on the formula for automating the process to determine premium content.

Jay argues that quality content is widely viewed as one of the most important variables for driving performance in advertising. Many brands and agencies divide their efforts between premium media advertising and cost effective media advertising. Buying premium content and video is often utilized to build brand awareness and generate exposure, while cost effective media advertising focuses on conversion points and total reach. Bridging the two practices through software for value and decision making gives advertisers unreached efficiencies. This will be extremely important as the move to cross-screen advertising begins to scale. Here’s an excerpt from Jay’s guest byline:

A publisher’s overall quality is increasingly being tied to how much video content it produces. This is evident in the rise of content studios that are focused on video, and with the traditional TV players investing in new media sensations such as Vice.

This leads to measuring content on the traffic per minute rate it can generate since being published (a form of virality), combined with time spent and contextual relevancy. To programmatically determine quality of content, the content is first identified for content relevancy, and then given a blended score of traffic per minute and time spent. Ads are then served to environments with content alignment and the highest blended content score.

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