Shortcut Media came out of stealth mode recently to announce the availability of its solution that uses proprietary Artificial-Intelligence algorithms and behavioral data to help mobile app developers and marketers identify potential customers, drive engagement, user retention and virality, organically and through paid marketing. 

Shortcut’s platform provides full-featured app attribution to measure and to track success. What will set Shortcut apart is the fact that Shortcut will analyze user data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable such features as automated push notifications to increase retention; better user targeting for paid marketing; user profiling and benchmarking once Shortcut has further built its knowledge base.

One of Shortcut’s customers is online wine hub Vivino. Here’s an excerpt from a Mobile Marketer story on how Vivino is benefiting from Shortcut’s solution:

"We are thrilled about the possibilities of AI,” said Heini Zachariassen, CEO of Vivino. “Used at the right place, AI is much more efficient than humans.”

“Shortcut’s AI dives into the multi-dimensional app usage data in order to learn and understand better ways to engage with your app users,” Mr. Zachariassen said. “What Shortcut is planning will redefine app marketing.”

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