Shortcut Media CEO and Co-Founder Herbert Bay wrote a guest byline for Mobile Marketer and gave his tips on how to build a successful mobile app.

In his byline, Herbert wrote that applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it is checking email, sharing social posts, photos and videos, watching movies or listening to music, apps have had a profound effect on how we live and work.  Herbert spoke with a number of peers from Vivino, ZenFriend and Evernote to get a sampling of opinions. Here’s an excerpt:

Apps such as Pinterest and Vivino have content that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. This generates visibility and is a powerful organic growth engine.

Make sure to enable mobile deep-linking within your app, so that the shared content opens in the app or directs potential users to the correct location in the app store.

IN CONCLUSION, each of the options that I have mentioned can be put together to build a thorough marketing strategy for your mobile app that does not require large financial outlays. 

As with all marketing strategies, you will find that each tactic requires a continuous time investment and active monitoring for maximum benefits.

To read Herbert’s byline, click here.