NetSeer CEO John Mracek wrote a guest byline for CMS Wire that looked at the evolution of viewability metrics, given the increasing focus on cross-platform viewability standards, and how it could be a sign that digital marketing is finally evolving beyond “safety” and “survival.” Here’s an excerpt:

If companies fail to accurately identify who their buyer personas are and how they evolve over time, they risk not communicating the right message and not seeing corresponding conversions. Ongoing analysis and interpretation of data is critical to identifying answers that support successful campaigns.

Learning what customers want, where they hang out, how they talk about you, your product, and your brand in their own language, as well as insight into their mindsets and what’s driving them in this direction in the marketplace is all contained in the data. Only thoughtful review and analysis combined with literal hunches and gut instincts of experts about what to test next will support long term viability and growth.

To read John’s byline in its entirety, click here.