Brightcom CEO Gali Arnon wrote a guest byline for CommPro on the challenges of becoming a female leader within the tech industry. In her guest byline, she reviews common factors, stats and positive views on how to overcome obstacles. Here is an excerpt from her byline:

When asked why women in leadership roles so rare in ad tech, Arnon says that in the field of ad tech, there are a few things that keep woman behind. “First, is the perception that women and tech don’t go together – that women don’t have the same tech capabilities as men. But this is changing. There are more girls and women enrolled in computer science and engineering classes in schools and universities today.”

Continues Arnon, “I believe that once you know the language of human/business needs and understand the needs themselves, technology is an enabler to solve problems and deliver solutions.  It’s not necessarily about the bits and bytes or the terminology. Women just need to have the courage to stop and say, “I don’t understand. Explain it in a language so I will.” Women need to have the confidence to ask questions.”

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