HIRO Media CMO Oded Napchi spoke with TechPatio on the state of the video advertising ecosystem.

Oded says that the online video content industry has experienced exponential growth over the past few years and the result is a highly competitive industry in a constant state of flux. Oded points to AOL, the multifaceted organization with its varied business interests, as a great case in point. Once renowned for its free internet trial discs, AOL is now making an amazing comeback by means of acquisitions with the singular aim of escalating its online video content market share. Here’s an excerpt from the TechPatio write-up:

According to Hiro Media the market is now being driven by massive mergers, which are in turn creating enormous ad networks. He predicts this outcome will be higher-quality product and service offerings and the rise of network, resource, and distribution platforms.

Growth and expansion are also being propelled by an upswing in casual viewership, not just acquisitions. Napchi believes that this is an emerging segment of online videos that parodies the model of daytime TV where viewers unintentionally discover content whilst browsing the net — basically, content is being pushed to viewers rather than being pulled.

In brief, AOL and other mass media companies are fueling the drive for change in online video content and advertisement through acquisitions and invention.

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