Convert Media’s work with Salon was covered by EContent. In their report, EContent looked at Salon and how they’re monetizing video views.  Here’s an excerpt:

Just how important is online video to advertisers? A 2015 survey of ad agencies by BrightRoll shows that 72% of agencies polled feel online video advertising is just as (or more) effective as TV advertising.

With those eye-popping stats, it's no wonder digital publishers, such as Salon, want to jump aboard the video train. "We are always looking for new revenue streams," states Matthew Sussberg, VP of sales for Salon. The company had never used an outstream video SSP before, but it was eager to explore the concept and gain some incremental revenue.


Enter ConvertMedia. Sussberg says he and his Salon colleagues met ConvertMedia at an industry event, and the company "seemed like a natural fit" for what Salon was trying to accomplish. He says "great customer service" and "a great user experience"-as well as what Sussberg describes as "healthy" cost per mille (CPM) impressions, which is a commonly used advertising metric-stood out. Salon began working with ConvertMedia last October.

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