HIRO Media CEO and Founder Ariel Napchi wrote a guest column for AdExchanger on how the poor user experience is holding back the video advertising industry. In his guest column, Ariel made the point that programmatic advertising was supposed to create an environment in which a viewer is only exposed to relevant ads, a premise TV never succeeded in fulfilling. Here’s an excerpt:

So what went wrong? It seems the answer lies with the viewers: They have been forgotten somewhere along the way. While brands are focusing on viewability, view-through rate and other KPIs, they ignore the user experience of the video viewer.

A slow video upload due to buffering raises the heart rate by more than 30%, which is similar to how one reacts when watching a horror movie, according to Ericsson. That, as you can imagine, is far from desirable. Users would rather leave the site than stare at a buffering signal.

The stress caused by this experience reflects badly on the user’s perception of the ad and the publisher site on which is was shown. Ad-serving latency is a huge factor that should be taken into consideration while working within the programmatic universe.

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