Our Vice President Tracey Boudine wrote the following guest column for PR Daily, "Has the term ‘newsjacking’ damaged the PR industry? " In her guest column, Tracey explores newsjacking and offers her viewpoints on the term and its use in PR. Here's an excerpt: 

In a recent blog article, an allegedly experienced PR pro discussed the Oreo tweet heard round the world about dunking in the dark during the Super Bowl as an example of “newsjacking.”

It wasn’t. That was real-time (social media) marketing, not “newsjacking.” News is the operative word. We call it earned media today to distinguish it from shared (social) media. This confusion by industry professionals about what even constitutes “newsjacking” seems like a red flag.

On the other hand, let’s say an Oreo marketing executive comments on the strategy of being prepared for real-time marketing opportunities for an article to be published in Bloomberg Businessweek during the days immediately after the Super Bowl.

This is how an expert adds value to the conversation—which, in one of its most straightforward applications, is really what goes on.

To read Tracey's guest column in its entirety, click here.