Brightcom, a global ad-tech and multichannel media firm, announced new integrations with GeoEdge and Forensiq to enhance viewability measurement and improve fraud detection capabilities for clients. Here’s an excerpt from the Mediapost write-up:

Working with Forensiq, a fraud detection company, Brightcom will channel all its ad traffic through a fraud evaluation program to  offer real-time detection for clients.

“With the fraud scores provided by Forensiq, we will enhance our overall ecosystem by making sure clients are immediately aware of fraud,” explained Galia Arnon, CEO of Brightcom. “We want to take additional responsibility for what is being sent to our advertisers.”

GeoEdge, an ad-verification provider, has a similar role, but from a publisher perspective. It checks for malicious creatives, improving transparency between the advertiser and publisher. “By checking for creatives that do not match the guidelines set by the publisher, we hope to improve the user experience on publisher sites that we work with,” said Arnon.

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