One of our mantras at Wise PR is to become a valuable resource to reporters. To that end, we’re happy to have helped Inc’s Salvador Rodriguez with his story on Apple’s plans for the next iPhone and offered up Nuhera Co-Founder David Cannington as a source. Here’s an excerpt:

In the past, Apple has bundled earbuds with all of its iPhones, but it's unclear if the Cupertino tech giant will do something similar for the next iPhone either by way of Bluetooth earbuds or a Lightning-port adaptor. There have also been reports indicating that Apple could launch new headphone products through its Beats by Dre brand that capitalize on the removal of the audio jack.

"You can look at this one of two ways. You can say 'Oh my god. Apple is bringing out a product that will compete against us. We're dead in the water,'" said David Cannington, co-founder of Nuheara, which makes cordless Bluetooth earbuds that can distinguish separate speech from ambient background noise. "Or you can say 'Apple is bringing out a product that will be different from ours and our challenge is to create innovative technology that delivers a better consumer experience."

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