Here’s a guest byline our Vice President Tracey Boudine wrote for Entrepreneur on the value of hard work over productivity hacks. In her byline, Tracey argues the point that tools like Asana, Slack, and Evernote are buzzing with digital glee 24-7. However, the reality is that hard work is needed to achieve your goals. Here’s an excerpt:

You spent all your time and energy doing the wrong work, often the work in your comfort zone (networking, schmoozing, paying for more bells and whistles or tweeting) instead of what really needed doing - upgrading or learning new skills; and deep diving into the tedious unglamorous stuff.

Or maybe you knew exactly what needed doing, but you didn’t get any results or make any progress. Skimping on the follow through, or not spending time troubleshooting to fine tune your strategy, can make all the effort seem fruitless.

Step back, and make sure you’ve been honest about the real work that’s required at this point. Follow through until you get results or know why you didn’t do it so you can make quick revisions based on the lessons learned.

There are no shortcuts to genuine growth and success. Too much focus on shortcuts, or feeling famous, and you never get there, or when you do, things quickly crumble.

Take a cue from Abraham Lincoln, and spend more time sharpening your ax than you do talking about it; chasing shiny objects; or paying for the latest solution. It’ll reduce the amount of swings you need to take. That can be a real time and money saver.

To read Tracey’s byline, click here.