Brightcom’s Hadas Moked wrote a guest byline for MarketingProfs - The Biggest Tech Challenges of Today's Digital Publishers. Here’s an excerpt:

Given that the programmatic market is an open one, ad fraud exists despite publishers' best efforts to prevent and combat it. Some prevalent examples include ad units that don't get placed in the relevant space or website as agreed. In those cases, some of the misplaced ads are of high quality, but they don't match the site's content or requirements (for example, an alcohol brand ad appearing on a kids' game website). That hurts the user experience.

Another factor negatively affecting user experience is the development of malware viruses that pose as legitimate online ad units. Referred to as "malvertising," those virus-laden advertisements are spread through programmatic ad networks and legitimate websites.

Publishers focused on providing a positive user experience know that supplying more consumer-friendly advertising is key. But they also need to ensure that it does not affect how the website functions.

Today, many sites are over-tagged because of their ads, which slow down page-loading speeds.

Another factor stalling page loads is when there is no demand for a specific video ad. Publishers need to make use of technology to enable faster load times and more effective results. But this is a huge challenge; not all publishers have the needed technical capabilities, manpower, or time.

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