Dog Days of Summer

It's tempting to take a break, to slow things down in the dog days of summer. Yet it's also quite likely there's somebody out there who wants to be in your place. That person might be working on the next big thing that will compete with your business or putting in that extra effort that gets them notoriety or landing that new client you've been pursuing. 

While this is a reality we all face, it's important to remember that no matter how much you have on your plate, getting out from behind your desk and outdoors is not slacking. It's actually motivating and good for you. 

I suggest keeping track of fun summer events nearby and scheduling one a week to help keep you from feeling cranky or like summer is passing you by while you toil away at the office during the week. 

If that's too much, take a walk at lunch and stop by the ice cream truck. Indulging in small pleasures is very satisfying and energizing--but you really have to work at making this happen.  By enjoying these small summer pleasures, it can be very energising and satisfying and you get to give your brain a little break. Your brain doesn’t rebound as fast as your body does and it needs time to regroup from all the information its processing otherwise the more you cram in the less productive you are as the day goes on.

Often it is the smallest of changes in context that can make a big difference in motivation levels. In fact, research tells us that changing our environment can lead to a burst of fresh thinking and increased drive. 

Sure, jobs vary in terms of how flexible they are, but figure out a way to switch things up: Take a meeting or two outside. Work from a coffee shop for the afternoon. Turn what's usually a solo responsibility into a group effort, or vice versa.

I try to use summer as an opportunity to connect face-to-face with clients in a more casual environment and learn more about them and their needs. I also like to schedule face time with colleagues, peers and prospects as well and dine al-fresco. It helps me recharge, do better work in the process and keep my businesses moving in the right direction.

That's the motivation for summer: Keep working, but change the context by getting outdoors and you'll stay on top of your game, never missing a beat. 



Or as the Fresh Prince so eloquently put it:  Here it is - the groove slightly transformed - Just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little somethin' to break the monotony.....