We Are Wise

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At Wise PR we believe in making a fundamentally positive difference to our client’s business, the lives of our staff and service providers and the environment in which we live and work.

We are focused on investing in relationships that grow stronger and deeper with the passage of time.

We know how powerful media and communications can be and we must respect it – our aim is to provide not only value for our clients in everything we produce, but momentum - something we like to call “ROLLING THUNDER™”


Our Passion


When you combine an insatiable curiosity about the world with a competitive & determined spirit, you end up here.

This is our profession because it’s our passion. That goes for every person who joins our team. We all share the same mission - to help clients build their brands and leave them better off than we found them and closer to where they aspire to be. For all of us, it’s the fulfillment we get from helping client organizations grow and achieve their aspirations.



If Wise PR sounds like the kind of company and culture you’ve been looking for, let’s talk. We’re always looking for people who are smart, open-minded, creative and perhaps most importantly, fun..